Textile snow chains vs traditional ones

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Textile snow chains vs traditional ones

Have you heard about new innovative textile snow chains designed by Autosock? They are already used in many countries as an equivalent of traditional chains and are recommended by the experts, so you can be sure they are safe! You want to know why snow socks are better than the traditional chains? Their efficiency is very high but additionally they are extremely easy to mount and remove (unlike traditional snow chains). You can also easily clean and store them because they are lightweight and washable. One of the biggest advantages is that they can be used along with alloy-rims and they don"t make any damages. Unfortunately you can"t say the same thing about traditional snow chains. Auto socks increase comfort of the ride - you won"t hear any noise or feel vibrations. They are also compatible with all electronic safety systems. What else? They are designed very carefully from the best durable textile and can be used in cars, vans, buses and trucks!

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